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In the spring of 1996, few months before returning to Apple

In the spring of 1996, few months before returning to Apple, Steve Jobs was asked in an interview, what went wrong with Apple? To which he said; Apple was a company that was based on innovation. When I left Apple ten years ago, we were ten years ahead of anybody else. It took Microsoft ten years to copy Windows. The problem is that Apple stood still.

Jobs was not a programmer or a designer of any sort, he never created a single project. He was just a dreamer. Famously called as the 'billion dollar hippy', Jobs didn't even know where to start things at or what do to when he made the first Apple product along with Steve Wozniak in his parents garage. It wasn't even a computer, it was just a chipset.

Many of us have been there, that position where we know that we can do things, but only the least could make something out of our ideas and thoughts, the least of us get the jobs that we'd love. What created the difference with Jobs? From two people in a garage to a billion dollar company in just two years.

It was about being informed, it was about taking steps to understand how things work and what is required to keep self on top of others. We can't stay still, stability is a myth of our century, folks. Whatever intrigues us, whatever it is that we want to pursue, be it some creation, a good job, family or otherwise. It takes some fair efforts to not to stand still, to be great at what we do.

You and me, we're 40% percent of this nation and hundred percent of it's future! We can't stand still, we need to understand how thing work before we get there, to make the most of what we have. It's what Jobs did differently, it's called being informed.

Let us take a step towards it, this maybe our only chance!

Margdarshak Career Developers Private Limited has set itself on a mission to guide the youth as per the latest demands of companies and various industries to exponentially increase their employability, we've been working on this since years. We're proud to introduce our profound yet simple and integrated program, "workplace skills for employability".

It's one of those things that could take you from where you are to where you've always wanted to be. Please go through the brochure in the attachment with this email for details.

To taking informed decisions and getting ahead of time, cheers!

What makes you better than someone who is just as good as you are? Let's find out

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing our best today. Education, it's something that goes deep within people like religion and money, another such things. We try to do the best we can, but still that leaves many of us jobless after years of being consumed in our education and hard work.


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