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CA Ruchi Khandelwal

Motherson automotive technology engineering


“There is no limits to dream, I dreamt and I done” – CA Ruchi Khandelwal.

Vrindavan-based Ruchi Khandelwal who secured 463 Score in the CA Final Exam, belongs to a family who relates to a Sweet shop. Currently she is working with famous MNC Motherson automotive as Financial Management trainee. Her go-getter attitude reflects not only in her academic record but also in her performance in corporate world. Read on to find her CA Mantra.

How does it feel after Qualifying CA Exam with flying colors?

It was a great feeling. I am very happy, because finally my hard work has been proven. Moreover, I proved “when there is a will, there is a success”. It can’t be expressed in words. It is a big achievement of my life.

Ruchi, you belong to a small town, i.e. Vrindavan. Did you ever consider this as a limiting factor/contributing factor in achieving your goal?

I had done my CA preparation plus graduation totally from Vrindavan. Yup, Sometimes It creates a question mark in eyes of interviewee, that a girl from such town have required potential or not?

But For me, it’s never been a limiting factor as my mentors have always supported me whatever the condition was. Because At last it’s TALENT that matters, nothing else. If you have skills and knowledge than there is no question marks for your candidature.

I feel very lucky & blessed for having such a great family, friends and teachers around me, which makes me unlimited.

According to you, what are the intrinsic and external factors contributing to your outstanding success in final exam?

My self-motivation and Optimistic from inside and external factors like support, direction and motivation from family, friends and mentors. Everyone goes through a phase, when everything seems messy. We start to lose our confidence. AT that time, just say one thing to yourself- “you are more than you know you are.” Cut out all negative relatives and friends from your environment. Let them say whatever they want to say, at last they have to say “congratulations CA!”

What strategy/ study plan did you follow while preparing for the exam?

I was regular in my studies. I have planned in such a manner so that I could get enough time to revise and be prepared with all the things before the exams. We all know, preparation zone is most typical zone of student life, but if you are determined then everything become cake walk for you. I read somewhere “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. First of all, I made time table to devote 12 to 15 hours in a day for preparation. I jotted down all mistake which I did in mock tests in separate notes, to avoid the repetition of same mistakes. I decided to give 5 to 10 minutes to each page for Deep and conceptual study. Remaining my main focus was on practice, practice …and more practice. Never postpone your targets, and moreover whenever you complete any one of your target, celebrate it (even by giving a chocolate to yourself!). Mental preparation was also an essential part. Once you have decided not to give up, then whatever obstruction comes doesn’t make a difference. My target was to give equal attention to all the subjects and to attempt 100% from my best in exams. I was also focusing on presentation during my exam.

Beyond this, Fun is also a very crucial, when you are in relationship with CA preparation. So I and my friends (who were also preparing for same) enjoy party once in week. These fun activities helps us to reduce our mental pressure.

How have been the inputs provided by the Institute contributed to your success in the examinations?

I would like to thank Board of Studies for giving such a valuable material. Because I basically refer ICAI material and it was very helpful and contributed a lot to my success. They interpret every topic very clearly, all we need to do it just understand them with their practical aspects.

What are your aspirations for the future? Do you have any specific career choice?

I want to become part of the corporate world and would like to enhance my professional skills to become an expert and good leader. As of now, I had joined MNC name Motherson automotive technology engineering. I work here as Financial Management trainee.

Do you think the Chartered Accountancy Course is the gateway to achieving professional excellence?

Yes. CA qualification opens doors to achieving professional excellence. After becoming CA we have lots of avenue in which one can enhance professional skills and get expertise. Here I would like to throw special focus on Article ship. It plays a very very important rule in your CA career. It time to get your hand dirty with some practical scenarios of your work culture. I highly recommend every CA aspirants to be serious about article ship, if you want to get something worthy. In your article ship you face many real time mistakes and their troubleshoot process. You come across various experienced CAs and you would have to learn a lot from them.

How would you motivate the upcoming aspirants for joining this course?

Be focused & do regular study. No matter what was your past, it is the present that only matters. Thoroughly read the ICAI material like study material, Practice manuals, RTPs & MTPs. Mugging mug won’t work in CA exams, so work on basics of concepts. Don’t make a pile of books in your room. Stick to one core book, because remaining books are also just copy and paste, nothing else. Take the help of reference books if required. Happiness is all about getting CA before your name in crowd of lakhs & lakhs. Recognize you’re potential. Make a proper strategy and rock on!

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