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Part time / Student jobs

Remember that part time work doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying student life!

Office Assistant - Many offices and establishments need an assistant who handles responsibilities such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, and maintaining files.

Bar work - It’s like a night out, but you’re getting paid! Put your Saturday night to good use, you wouldn’t really work on your essay anyway.

Other hospitality work - If you prefer to hide behind the scenes, try being a kitchen porter. Some cafes and restaurants will even feed you during your shift!

Public relations - PR work is flexible and you get paid for socialising. Most PR jobs want to see your Facebook profile when you apply, because public relations is all about knowing people.

Academic Tutor - Choose classes/subjects you can teach confidently. You can also tutor language or other specific skills.

Delivering items/catalogues - Businesses will pay you to get their items, catalogues or leaflets out to customers. Knowledge of the local area is essential. There are plenty of delivery jobs available.

One-off jobs - You can sign up to agencies that provide staff for events in your area. This provides you with extra money without the commitment of a permanent job.

Tutoring - Parents will pay big money to help their offspring get decent grades if they are struggling with a particular subject, and tutoring can be really rewarding.

Freelance Writer - Freelance writing is a great job for college students who have an interest in journalism or just a knack for writing. Princess/Superhero/Special Characters.

Sales Representative - If you’ve got good persuasive skills, you should consider becoming a sales rep for companies or establishments.

Fitness Instructor - If you’re someone who loves working out, why not start getting paid for what you love? As a fitness instructor at a gym.

AnchorDance instructorMusic instructorData entry operator Software developer Software tester CookReceptionistDriver

Waiter or waitress - Many A-level and university students obtain part-time work as waiters or waitresses in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, sandwich stalls and other eating and drinking establishments.

Retail worker - Ideally, pick a shop that sells something about which you’re enthusiastic – it’ll help in your interview. Part-time work in a shop develops many of the same skills as being a waiter or waitress.

Babysitter - Babysitting experience is also immensely valuable if you want to work with children in future, such as by becoming a teacher.

Volunteer work - From working in a charity shop to volunteering in an animal rescue shelter, there are lots of valuable volunteer and charity jobs out there.

Tutor - Tutoring not only gives you valuable skills, it’s also better-paid than a lot of part-time jobs.

Proof Reader - One of the great advantages of proofreading is you can do it almost anywhere.

Tour guide - If you live near a tourist attraction, such as a stately home or a museum, why not become a part-time tour guide? This is an intellectually stimulating part-time job that will require you to learn historical facts that would be of interest to tourists.

Internship - An internship can sometimes lead to a permanent job in the same company.

Why you should do part-time job?

Part-time jobs are the perfect way to gain valuable work experience while you’re studying. Some of the major benefits of getting a part-time job while you’re still at college or university.

Transferrable skills – part-time jobs develop numerous transferrable skills that you can take with you to the world of work, including the very important teamwork, the ability to cope under pressure, organizational skills and many others. These invaluable life skills mean that your part-time job doesn’t even need to be directly related to what you want to end up doing

– you’ll be able to relate them to any profession you choose to pursue.

Extra pocket money – you can look forward to earning some money for yourself, which is a lot more satisfying than simply being given pocket money by your parents. You’ll be able to spend it on yourself knowing that it’s your own hard work that has paid for it, or you can save it for future requirements.

Change of environment – a part-time job will prove a refreshing change from home and college life, and it gives you an all-important break from studying as well. This allows you to return to your studies refreshed, because as they say, a change is as good as a rest.

Meet new people – whatever part-time job you choose, you’re likely to be meeting lots of new people, both colleagues and customers. This gives you the chance to develop your interpersonal and communication skills, which will prove indispensable in the workplace.

Understand how businesses operate – no matter how minor your role in your place of part-time work, it will give you an insight into how businesses operate, the pressures they face and the considerations involved in making money. This perspective will help a lot at the time of your job interview.

Introduces you to the world of work – a part-time job is a relatively gentle introduction to the world of work and will familiarize you with many job related things. So, it won’t seem quite scary when you get your first full-time job.

Set a goal for yourself

"Some people say money is evil, but I don't agree. If I manage it well and make good use of it, it'll only make my life better."

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